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Title: The Normal Lights

This study determined the Index of Difficulty, Index of Discrimination of each item, and the plausibility of options of the multiple choice items of the GCAT. It also analyzed and compared the examinees’s performance as well as determined the percentages of passing and failures in the different specializations. A total of 656 GCAT Answer Sheets in the years 2005 to 2007 served as sources of data for analysis. The GCAT answers were analyzed using test type, college, and specialization as the units of analysis. The four colleges – CASS, CEd; CLLL; and COS – were all represented in the sample. The GCAT Form C has five components: General Information, English Cloze Test, English Reading Comprehension, Filipino Cloze Test, and Numero-Reasoning. The results of the study revealed that the examinees performed poorly in Test I (General Information) and Test III (English Reading Comprehension). The Filipino Cloze Test and Numero-Reasoning Test yielded the best analysis results.

Keywords: Item Analysis, Index of Difficulty, Index of Discrimination, Plausibility of Options, PNU Graduate College Entrance Test (GCAT)

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