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DMMMSU-SLUC-College of Education Research Journal


1. The Real Property Tax Administration System in Tubao, La Union
PAGE 7 - 61
Joanne C. Rivera

2. On Number Theoretic Functions of Positive Integers
PAGE 62 - 72
Aloysius Aurelio and Elsie M. Pacho

3. Effects of Multi-Media Assisted Instruction on Physical Fitness And Personality Adjustment Of PE 103 Students: Input To A Wellness Dance Program
PAGE 73 - 104
Ana Maria E. Libao

4. Improving the Low Performance Of Students In Microbiology
PAGE 105 - 108
Mercedita A. Mabutas

5. Level of Academic Performance of BEE- IV in Soc. Sci. and their MI
PAGE 109 - 124
Joanne C. Rivera

6. The Multiple Intelligences of Grade V Pupils: Bases for the Proposed Learning Enhancement Program of David Elementary School
PAGE 125 - 149
Divina G. Naoe

7. The Science Attitudes and Involvement of Stakeholders in the Diocesan Schools Of La Union: Input to Science Learning Structural Model
PAGE 150 - 192
Flordiliza B. Dalumay


1.Functional Effectiveness Of Master In Development Administration Program Of DMMMSU Graduate College, City Of San Fernando, La Union
PAGE 8 - 36
Marilou Rivera

2.Using Competitive Or Interactive Games To Effect Language Acquisition In A Class In Basic English
PAGE 37 - 42
Dionisio M. Uychoco

3.Evaluation Of The Reserve Officers Training Course (ROTC) Program Of DMMMSU-SLUC
PAGE 43 - 60
Manuel T. Libao

4.Science Attitude, Involvement And Laboratory Skills Of DMMMSU Laboratory High School Teachers And Students: An Input To Science Instructional Plan
PAGE 61 - 81
Flordiliza B. Dalumay and Lilia Madriaga

5.Food Preferences Of DMMMSU Laboratory High School Students: Their Implications To Nutrition Education
PAGE 82 - 120
Nimfa Roma A. Valdez

6.On Chinese Remainder Theorem
PAGE 121 - 143
Luis A. Tattao and Elsie M. Pacho

7.The Profile Of The Self-Concept Of Commercial Sex Workers
PAGE 144 - 157
Remedios C. Neroza

8.Readiness Of Mathematics Student Teachers In Plane Geometry
PAGE 158 - 162
Brigida L. Cargado

9.Status of the Comprehensive Land-use Plan Of Baguio City
PAGE 163 - 224
Joanne C. Rivera


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