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Title: Structured Tool For English Language Proficiency Of Jose Rizal Memorial State College System
Name: Daylinda Luz R. Laput

This study evaluated the English Proficiency Test (EPT) developed by the faculty of the Jose Rizal Memorial State College (JRMSC). The EPT divided 70 multiple-choice test questions into 3 parts – Grammar, Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension. The EPT was administered to selected college freshmen. Item analysis was used to determine the EPT’s validity using the indices of difficulty and discrimination. The difficulty index measures the difficulty level of the test items, which registered 80 % (as moderately difficult to difficult) while the discrimination index distinguishes the item performance-difference between high and low scorers which registered 99 % discrimination index.

Keywords: item analysis, discrimination, difficulty
Title: Language Difficulties Vis-à-Vis The Communicative Abilities Among College Freshmen Students of Jose Rizal Memorial State College, Main Campus,Dapitan City
Name: Jay D. Telen, Cecilia S. Saguin

The study aimed to find out the level of language difficulties in terms of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and planning among College freshmen students of Jose Rizal Memorial State College (JRMSC) and the level of communicative abilities to develop a functional learning kit. A customized questionnaire was administered to 265 JRMSC freshmen students during the second semester of school year 2004-2005. The analysis of variance was the main statistical test. The study revealed that freshmen students, when grouped according to Colleges, differed significantly in terms of language difficulties since the highest discrepancy was noted and appeared to be in terms of vocabulary followed by pronunciation (oral) and least in pronunciation (written).However, there was no significant difference in terms of communicative abilities.

Keywords: language difficulties, functional learning kit, communicative abilities
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Title: Midterm Impact Evaluation of Normative Financing Among SUCs in Mindanao: Efficiency, Effectiveness, Growth and Equity Considerations
Name: Evelyn R. Campiseno, Wilfredo D. Carreon Jr

The Philippine Commission on Higher Education jointly with the Department of Budget and Management implemented a new budget allocation scheme for the state colleges and universities in the country since 2004. The new scheme is called a Normative Financing formula (NF) where the budgets of these state institutions are tied to quality and equity considerations. The normative financing formula was developed by CHED in 1997 in collaboration with the DBM through a technical assistance grant from the Asian Development Bank in response to the perceived inefficiencies and inequities in the way that the government subsidizes the operations of these state schools. A policy impact analysis was conducted to determine the impact of NF on the SUC budgets. Results revealed that although the efficiency, effectiveness, growth and equity measures showed improvements since NF was implemented, the overall impact of NF on the SUC budgets and operations is not statistically significant as yet. Policy recommendations are suggested in this study.

Keywords: normative financing, state colleges and universities, policy impact analysis
Title: Effects of Organic Fertilizer on the Yield of Watermelon
Name: Elizabeth Mangila, Francisco P. Tabiliran, Maria Rio A. Naguit, Renato Malate

A comparative study was conducted using chicken dung, cow manure, rice straw, and ASG 46 on watermelon. Watermelon is the preferred cash crop planted by rice farmers during dry season because of its high return. Aside from ASP46, all the organic fertilizers were applied to the holes two weeks prior to planting. ASP46 was applied twice: the first application was done one week after sowing, while the second one was at the onset of flowering. The results of the study showed that among the organic fertilizers used, chicken dung produced the highest yield in number of fruits (51 fruits) and in kilograms (164.02 + 8.60 Kg), followed by rice straw (41 fruits & 69.25 + 4.43 Kg), ASP (36 fruits & 67.58 + 3.17 Kg) and cow manure (30 fruits, 63.01 + 9.69). The control plants (no fertilizer used) produced only 21 fruits or 38.92 + 1.93 Kg). In terms of Return on Expenses (ROE), the results showed similarly with chicken dung as the highest followed by rice straw, ASP 46, cow manure and Control having a ROE of 357%, 162%, 118%, 110% and 67%, respectively.

Keywords: experimental design, watermelon, fertilizer
Title: Biology and Distribution of Paphia textile in the Coastal Waters of Katipunan and Roxas, Zamboanga del Norte
Name: Maria Rio A. Naguit, Evelyn R. Campiseño

The study focused on the biology and distribution of Paphia textile, a bivalve, in the coastal waters of Katipunan at Roxas, Zamboanga del Norte. Results revealed an approximate density of about 10 clams/m2 in the aforementioned areas. Morphological comparisons showed that clams which are 5-7 years old have the same lengths while the 8-9 years old clams have longer lengths. Clam weights positively correlated with clam lengths. The ages of the clams can be inferred from their lengths and rings.

Keywords: bivalve, Paphia textile, morphology
  • DOWNLOAD THE FULL ARTICLE HERE - Biology_and_Distribution_of_Paphia_textile_in_the_Coastal_Waters_of_Katipunan_and_Roxas,_Zamboanga_del_Norte_1325672608.pdf
Title: A Test For Normality Based On Entropy For Location-Scale Family Of Distributions With Applications To Box-Cox Transformations
Name: Roberto N. Padua, Eugene T. Uniana

Many statistical tests commonly used in practice assume that the distribution of the random observations is normal. Thus, the usual t-test and analysis of variance techniques belong to this category of statistical tests. While some of these statistical tests are robust to departures from this normality assumption, others are not. The most widely used confirmatory tests for normality include the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, the chi-square goodness of fit test, Willks-Shapiro (Ryan-Joiner) test and the Anderson-Darling test. In this paper, we propose another test for normality based on the concept of entropy and show that it performs well in comparison with the above-mentioned tests, the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test in particular, in terms of power and its sensitivity to detect departures from the assumed normality. The entropy test is then applied to the determination of appropriate Box-Cox power transformations to normality.

Keywords: normality, test of hypothesis, power, entropy, location-scale family
  • DOWNLOAD THE FULL ARTICLE HERE - A_Test_For_Normality_Based_On_Entropy_For_Location-Scale_Family_Of_Distributions_With_Applications_To_Box-Cox_Transformations_1325672552.pdf
Title: Lead and Zinc Concentrations in the Venus clam, Paphia textile (Gmelin) in Soft Bottom Communities of Katipunan and Roxas, Zamboanga del Norte: An Indicator of Heavy Metal Contamination
Name: Jane T. Aquino, Maria Rio A. Naguit, Laurie J. Raymundo

Infaunal bivalve communities are known to pose potential public health risks, as they are bioaccumulators that may be regularly harvested for human consumption. To assess a possible health risk of heavy metal contamination from factory waste output, samples of the locally-consumed venus clam, Paphia textile were collected from nearshore soft-bottom communites of Katipunan and Roxas, Zamboanga del Norte. They were analyzed for lead and zinc concentrations. The highest levels of lead (mean + SD = 0.90 + 0.2955 mg/kg) and zinc (mean + SD = 6.08 + 1.88 mg/kg) were obtained from the Tuburan site, located nearest the Southern Island Oil Mill Port Area. The concentration levels from the sampling sites indicated that the coastal waters of Katipunan and Roxas, Zamboanga del Norte, are contaminated with both lead and zinc. Continued consumption of the clams will lead to biological magnification in human populations, thus posing an unquantified health risk to local coastal communities consuming these animals.

Keywords: heavy metal, indicator, Venus clam

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