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Title: The Effects Of Peer Teaching In The Performance Of Students In Mathematics
Name: Editha T. Vasay

The teaching of Mathematics is enjoyable. This is true when the performance of the students is satisfactory or better. Otherwise, it is frustrating. Inspite of the researcher’s long years of teaching experience, exposure to trainings and seminars, giving pieces of advice and motivations to students, using simple language and different techniques and strategies, still many students have poor performance. Based from quizzes and examinations, it is observed that students have poor performance which may be due to weak foundation. Students have no mastery on the operations of whole numbers , integers, decimals, and fractions. Techniques were conceived to improve the situation and peer teaching was used. Peer teaching is a technique in helping students perform better in understanding the different concepts, developing computational skills and their moral, social and emotional values most especially their ability to express their ideas.

Keywords: Peer Teaching
Title: Personal-Social Adjustments In Relation To Coping Mechanisms Of SUC Presidents In Mindanao
Name: Rizza B. Bagalanon

The study aimed to determine the relationship between the personal-social adjustments and coping mechanisms of Presidents of State Universities and Colleges in Mindanao during the school year 2008-2009.

The descriptive-correlational method of research was used and the main assessment tool was the questionnaire which was prepared by the researcher. The responses were drawn from twenty nine Presidents and were analyzed using the mean computation, the t-test, f-test and the Pearson r Product Moment Coefficient of Correlation.

The study revealed that there was a significant relationship between the SUC Presidents’ personal-social adjustments and coping mechanisms. This signifies that their personal-social adjustments influence their abilities to cope with work stress. SUC Presidents’ security or well-being in the personal-social aspects is an important factor to be able to cope with things that come along relative to their positions or jobs. It was also revealed that their personal-social adjustments as well as their coping mechanisms were only “high”. Thus, for an improved adjustment and coping levels, SUC Presidents need to attend in the personality enhancement trainings, physical fitness programs and other forms of recreational and relaxation activities in order to unload work burdens and to gain new strength and vitality.

Keywords: Personal-Social Adjustments, Coping Mechanisms, Stress, Leadership, SUC Presidents
Title: Influence Of Media Strength And Sources Of Nitrogen On Micropropagation Of Ginger, Zingiber Officinale Rosc.
Name: Cecilia C. Villamor

Ginger, Zingiber officinales Rosc. of the family Zingiberaceae is an important plant, valued all over the world as a spice and medicine.

The Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University, in its quest to help the government in sustaining food security, has embarked on initial efforts on helping the development of the local ginger industry. Observations indicate that lack of healthy planting materials limit expansion of ginger production. One method of producing healthy planting stock is by tissue culture. This technique has been used as a tool for propagation of many crop plant species and is increasingly important for commercial propagation.

The experiment was conducted to determine the effects of media strength and sources of nitrogen on shoot and root growth of ginger, Native variety. The results indicated that nitrogen in the form of KNO3 significantly improved proliferation rate of ginger in vitro, in both full and half strength media. Leaf growth was better in media devoid of NH4NO3. Root formation was significantly better in media without NH4NO3

Keywords: Ginger, Zingiber officinales Rosc, Zingiberaceae
Title: Evaluation Of Pollen Allergies In Patients With Asthma, Allergic Rhinitis In Kupwara District Of Jammu And Kashmir State -India
Name: Nisar A. Wani, Mahrukh Hameed, A.H.Munshi, Roohi Rasool and Zafar Amin Shah

Kashmir valley has been witnessing an increase in allergy related disorders usually due to aeroallergens present in the environment mostly during spring and autumn seasons. The present study was aimed at finding total and specific IgE responses in serum sample of 257 patients, reporting to various health centers across the valley with symptoms of seasonal allergy. Samples were first screened for the total IgE levels by a sandwich ELISA method. All the samples showed presence of high levels of total IgE. Specific IgE levels were determined using grass and tree mix antigens by a two step capture ELISA method. The skin test reactions were interpreted and graded at 15 - 20 minutes.

Keywords: Aeroallergens, IgE, ELISA
Title: E-Learning On Computer Programming 2 For DMMMSU Institute Of Computer Science
Name: Michaelangelo G. Dacanay

The advent of new technologies and the Internet has opened-up a whole new range of opportunities for enhancing learning. The integration of ICT into education and training (e-learning) has been recognized as a powerful tool for improving learning at the highest political level. Many schools, universities and training colleges are rising to this challenge, integrating ICT, transforming their processes and implementing organizational change. The Institute of Computer Science is continuously improving and developing its instructional delivery through carrying out and integrating IT tools.

The study focused primarily on the design and development of the e-learning courseware that serves as a supplementary tool in learning Computer Programming 2. The design and development processes were supported by instructional design using the ADDIE model which has five (5) phases namely analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. I carefully analyzed and incorporated the instructional goals, learning objectives, assessment modules and course content using variety of learning style presentations to keep the learners engaged, to enrich the learning experience and to maximize the course’s impact. The e-learning is designed with features of a variety of learning presentation elements that cater to the needs of visual, kinesthetic, and auditory learners.

Keywords: e-learning, Computer programming 2, learning style, presentation elements
Title: Integrating Systems Approach As A Coping Strategy In The Yam (Dioscorea Alata Linn.) Research And Extension Program
Name: Ernesto R. Gapasin, Florentina S. Dumlao, and Evangeline M. Pera

Coping strategies in natural resources is a tool to combat poverty and hunger. In effect, one of the coping strategies is the integration of management theories to provide alternative solutions to the problems of natural resources conflict in the field of agriculture as the source of economic growth.

The paper aims to present a coping strategy utilizing a systems design/approach in the management of yam (Dioscorea alata L.) program in La Union, Philippines to sustain livelihood development and employment generation which could be seen as appropriate for Southeast Asia and China.

The integrating roles of coping strategies are given emphasis in this paper. Systems approach as a science and yam research, development and extension (RDE) as the technology are considered. The application of the management theory in the actual yam RDE program is highlighted that provided a system of attaining program goals and ensure significant results.

Keywords: Systems Approach, Coping Strategies, Research, Development and Extension; Yam Production
Title: Ecological Trends Of Under Canopy Species Of Eucalyptus Plantations In Bhabhar And Tarai Region Of Indian Central Himalaya
Name: Chandrapal Singh Bohra and L. S.Lodhiyal

The paper deals with species density, diversity, dry matter production and nutrients (i.e. soil and plant nutrients) in under canopy short-lived species under eucalyptus plantation cultivated in Bhabhar and Tarai belt (low-lying lands with high water table adjacent to foot hills) of Kumaun of Indian Central Himalaya. The density and basal area of eucalyptus trees were 400 trees ha-1 and 18.85-34.20 m2ha-1, respectively. Soil bulk density increased, whereas the soil pH decreased with increase in plantation age. The percentage concentration and content of soil nutrients (N, P, K) decreased with increase in age of plantations. The maximum density of under canopy was recorded for Ageratum conyzoides. The species richness was maximum in 5-yr old, whereas the diversity index (2.16-2.62) was found to be the maximum in different seasons recorded for 8-yr old plantation. Dry matter production of under canopy species was 1.7-2.4 t ha-1 and decreased with increase in plantation age. The percent concentration and content of nutrients (NPK) in under canopy species also decreased with increase in plantation age.

Keywords: Under canopy species, Eucalyptus hybrid, nutrient cycling. Dry matter, diversity, Bhabhar and Tarai region
Title: Hematinic Activity Of Alternanthera Sessilis (L.) R. Br. (Amaranthaceae) In Mice And Rats
Name: Erna C. Arollado and Marina O. Osi

The hematinic activity of Alternanthera sessilis (L.) R. Br. was investigated by monitoring the change in serum ferritin and hemoglobin levels of mice and rats. Test animals were induced of anemia after which different doses of test sample were administered orally for 14 days. The standard drug used was ferrous sulfate, which served as the positive control and H2O as the negative control. Results of the study showed a significant increase in serum ferritin and hemoglobin level which was dose and time dependent but there was no significant difference on these parameters between mice and rats. The data obtained suggest that Lupo has hematinic activity particularly in iron deficiency anemia.

Keywords: Alternanthera sessilis, Lupo, hematinic activity, iron deficiency anemia, hemoglobin, serum ferritin, blood iron concentration, effective dose

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