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Title: Organizational Integrity of Administrators of SVD Colleges in Region I, Philippines and Employees’ Job Satisfaction as Perceived by the Employees
Name: Fr. Damianus Abun, SVD; and Alfie P.Racoma
The performance of the organization/business or school does not only depend on how much capital (money) you invest in the school/company. Or it does not depend only on the managerial skills of the administrators/managers but it also depends on many aspects of organization life. Therefore, paying attention to the details of organization life is necessary, not only on physical matters or tangible things but the things that we cannot see such as the values of leaders/managers or administrators and employees. Values may be insignificant in the eyes, but if they are not given serious attention, they can be a big hindrance to the development of the organization.

People often focus on big things or big issues such as efficiency, transparency, managerial skills, strategic plan, leadership skills together with their technical skills in carrying out their duties and responsibilities but one aspect that people often undermine is the values, particularly the moral values of those who lead, those who are on the top of the organization. The motivation of employees to work is not just caused by money but it is also caused by other factors such as employee’s treatment and organizational climate as a whole (McShane, 2000). Moral values that are being practiced by the organization are considered as one of the sources of motivation...
Keywords: Organization Integrity, administrators, SVD Colleges, job satisfaction,
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