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Name: Anita B. Aquino, Ed.D

The study aimed to reveal the hedges in campus journalistic articles written by high school students and published in their newsspaper issues. It particularly determined the frequency of forms of hedging used in campus journalistic articles; showed the frequency functions of hedging used in the said campus journalistic articles; and identified the implications of the use of hedges in each article. Through descriptive method via content or corpus analysis, 20 articles (5 for each of the sections) were evaluated. These articles were gathered from the recent published newspaper issue for 2011. The researcher purposively chose the articles through close reading so as to avoid too straightforward articles devoid of hedging incidence. It was revealed that editorial articles (f = 47, 51.09%) are the mostly hedged, modulated and mitigated articles and modal auxiliary verbs have the highest incidence with 30 or 32.61%. Accuracy-oriented hedges have a higher occurrence (62 or 67.39%) while reliability hedges are used widely (37 or 40.22%). Contributory factors on the presence of hedging are nature or purpose of articles, teaching instances of hedges, and at a certain point, the length of articles. Thus, it was recommended that Salager-Meyer’s categories of hedges be used to bring new perspective and compare if there would be difference in the results, similar and parallel studies may be conducted to explore other types of academic write-ups and incidence of discourse, and more articles may be evaluated for hedging forms and functions to further validate the result of this study.

Title: Enhancement Program on Day Care Children’s Development
Name: Aileen V. Elarco

This study intended to design an enhancement program on day care children’s development in Quezon Province. It used a mixed-method research design in which qualitative and quantitative data were collected. A total of 168 respondents were the target beneficiaries, which included 16 day care workers, 8 MSWD workers, 24 parents and 120 day care children. The instruments used in this study were checklist/observation forms, structured and open-ended interview forms, and questionnaires. The gathered data were computed, analyzed and interpreted by utilizing weighted mean, percentage, mean, Pearson r and t-test. The results showed that the day care children’s development program has several problems in curriculum, guidance and interactions and assessment. Hence, an enhancement program on day care children’s development was developed. Besides, it included the outputs subjected to tryout such as rubric compilation, and prototypic session guide for day care workers. After the tryout, the findings revealed that there was a significant difference in the post-assessment scores between the experimental and control groups of respondents in all selected locales at Quezon Province. The age and length of service of day care worker respondents also affect the day care children’s performance. The enhancement program was highly accepted as the performance of the experimental groups has shown highly advanced performance. It is likely that the government, particularly the DSWD, may support the needs of day care workers and children. Day care workers need trainings on the integration of gender fairness and prevention from abuse and exploitation, material development, child-directed and small group activities.

Keywords: enhancement, enhancement program, day care, day care children, development, children’s development
Title: Spatial Distribution and Density of Sea Cucumber in Northern La Union Waters, Philippines
Name: Valentino V. Prado, Gerry N. Galvez and Richard N. Rivera

Four (4) genera belonging to 12 species of sea cucumber inhabits the nearshore areas of northern La Union Coasts, Philippines. Holothurians are the prevalent species. Bohadsia spp. consisted only about 10% but dominant in Balaoan waters. Actinopyga and Pearsonathuria species groups are of lower quantities.

Sea cucumber is more diverse in San Fernando waters than in the other areas of the study. Nevertheless, a very low density of sea cucumber population was noted. Local awareness on the status of the wildstock population will possibly lead to policy formulation in managing the said resource.

Keywords: sea cucumber, beche-de-mer, size distribution, occurrence, La Union

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