E-International Scientific Research Journal Consortium

World Electronic Journals Impact Factor


What is E-ISRJC?

E-ISRJC stands for E-International Scientific Research Journal Consortium

What is the purpose of E-ISRJC?

E-International Scientific Research Journal Consortium (E-ISRJC) was established with an aim to provide a platform to state and private universities/colleges worldwide to develop their own research journals and publish through the consortium

Which are the international agencies that will be indexing the consortium journals?

E-ISRJC will assist in indexing the journals through the following international agencies subject to acceptance

a. Public Knowledge Project ( a consortium of Simon Fraser University Library, the School of Education at Stanford University, and the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia, Canada ) Click Here to View the List
b. Indexed by JournalSeek ( JournalSeek- Genamics is located in Hamilton, New Zealand)
c. GOOGLE SCHOLAR INDEXING: E-ISRJC is also indexed by google scholar which makes the research articles searchable and accessible world wide

What are the advantages of publishing through E-ISRJC?

E-ISRJC will assist the individual colleges or the Universities in
• Indexing of the journals with international agencies
• Circulating through other international consortium
• Providing with best hosting technology, guaranteed uptime and make it sure about the availability of the journal on the World Wide Web.
• Provides easy, faster, seamless online submission system.
• Excellent Customer Support to deal with any queries that arise.
• Step by step instructions and help on all steps to the members.
Our services help reduce the costs of publishing and the time in publishing Enable users to access our solutions from any location in the world, at any time.

What is E-ISRJ?

E-ISRJ stands for E-International Scientific Research Journal

What is the difference between E-ISRJ and E-ISRJC?

E-ISRJ is an international scientific journal, where an individual author can publish his/her research work internationally, where as E-ISRJC is a consortium assisting colleges and universities to publish their journals internationally.

Do you provide editorial services through E-ISRJC?

No, we do not provide editorial services through E-ISRJC.

Do you provide editorial services through E-ISRJ?

YES!, we have a panel of international editors who will review the submitted research articles.

What is WEJIF?

World Electronic Journal Impact Factor or WEJIF is a new bibliometric system to estimate the impact factor of yout journal. Estimating the impact factor of your journal is of prime importance especially research field and among the other journals of the same specialization... Read more...