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Do You Want To Be An Editor?

Do you want to be an editor?

Do You Want To Join Our Pool Of International Editors?

E-ISRJ is seeking scholars interested in serving as volunteer editors for various journals. If you are interested, please complete and submit the form below. We will respond to your inquiry shortly. If you have a colleague who may enjoy serving as a volunteer editor for E-ISRJ, please feel free to forward our Web site address to him or her. The primary responsibility of an editor will be to edit manuscripts after they have been peer-reviewed. The editor will ensure that revisions have been completed if requested by peer reviewers. The editor will also make sure that manuscripts are grammatically correct, consistent in style, readable, and free of plagiarism or other scientific misconduct.

If you are interested, then you may send in your application with the following details to eisrjc@gmail.com


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What is WEJIF?

World Electronic Journal Impact Factor or WEJIF is a new bibliometric system to estimate the impact factor of yout journal. Estimating the impact factor of your journal is of prime importance especially research field and among the other journals of the same specialization... Read more...